The history of a school, rich in tradition.
Dr. L.P."Pete" Hollis worked diligently with the owners of Textile Plants located in Greenville, South Carolina's west side.
During the 1920's, textile plants like: DUNEAN, WOODSIDE, F.W. POE, UNION BLEACHERY, BRANDON, POINSETT, AMERICAN SPINNING, JUDSON and MONAGHAN, employed over 5,000 people who lived (mostly) on each Mill's respective "Mill Village". Since each Mill Village had their own "Elementary Schools", Clinics, Company Stores and recreation facilities, a need for a high school was vitally important. The school was named after Thomas F. Parker, the first President of Monaghan Mills. 
454 children were enrolled in the first classes of PARKER HIGH SCHOOL in 1924. From 1924 till 1933, 256 students graduated from the 11th grade, (a 12th grade was added to all high schools in South Carolina). 
In 1949, Parker didn't have a graduating class.
More than 22,000 people were graduated from PARKER during her 64 years as a HIGH SCHOOL. It's estimated that over 37,000 people attended Parker High. Dr. L.P. Hollis was the driving force whose vision took a High School in Greenville's textile district, from an idea into a reality!
When Parker was founded, Industrial Arts played an important part in both the vocational and college programs. The Textile Department brought many graduates to the Textile plants of Greenville. The Cosmetology courses at Parker opened the doors for many young women and men in that vocation. The electrical and woodworking  departments trained students for architecture and electrical engineering classes in college. The machine shop grads worked in local and military jobs and were ready for engineering classes at college. 
The Parker High School Band was a winner of numerous national, state and local awards.
Parker High School received the honor of being placed in the Top Ten High Schools Scholastically in America in 1955, 1957, 1960, 1966 and 1971 by the National Education Association. To date, Parker is the only high school in South Carolina to have achieved this status five times.